Waiting for Lucille

for saxophone and electro-acoustic music (2015)

(duration ca. 10 minutes)

premiered by Matt James at the World Saxophone Congress, Strasbourg 2015

program note:

For some listeners, the name Lucille will bring to mind a connection to American Blues, early Rock ’n’ Roll, an old TV sitcom, or perhaps even an older relative. The once-common name has become increasingly rare. What I like about this title is that it’s difficult to say the name without the beginning of a smile crossing your face. Whatever you find yourself waiting for as you listen to this piece, I hope you have found it by the time the performance ends. Along the way you will hear a lot of samples from my school’s vintage 1927 bass saxophone, including a quasi drum kit made entirely from recordings of the noisy key mechanics.

Links to Live Audio recording

>> Matt James, recorded at the West Fork New Music Festival

audio materials for performance:

Thank you for your interest in Waiting for Lucille.  You have unlimited access to this site for your downloading convenience.  You can download both files as often as you like onto any computer for the purpose of rehearsals and performances of this piece. I do request that you not share your access to this site with others. Please keep in touch. If you do perform Waiting for Lucille, I would appreciate knowing about. Send me a program, concert announcement, youtube posting, etc. I hope you enjoy learning and performing my music.  Thanks again.  =m.p.=


The link below is to a zipped file containing a Max patch and all the audio files required for performance.

   > WaitingForLucille.zip


To use this Max patch you must have a full or demo version of Max which you can find at the link below.


   > http://cycling74.com/downloads

Note: You can continue to use your demo version of Max after the 30-day trial period.

Additional Instructions:

Once you have downloaded and installed the proper version of the Max for your computer and OS, launch the program, then open the file:  “Lucille_pedal.maxpat.” Due to the tight timing the preferred method for operating the Max patch is by the performer, with a foot pedal (Various options are available.) Alternatively it may be operated by another person using the computer’s keyboard.

NOTE: In order for this file to work, all of the the audio files must remain in the same folder as the Max patch file.


If you experience any problem with these links or with the materials themselves, feel free to contact me. If you need the materials in another format, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request.