The Rite Stuff

electro-acoustic music (2013)

(duration ca. 2 minutes)

program note:

After seeing a call for submissions late in the summer, I had an idea to feed selected passages of Stravinsky's notes into a program I designed last year that quickly generates long Markov chains. I thought it might provide some cool ideas for copying, pasting, and smearing around my sonic canvas in the manner of an abstract painter. The idea was to not actually notate or compose anything myself, but to just use the output by my programming and design interesting sounds to play them. Before getting any real work done on beyond live recording an intro and generating some Markov chains, I left for a long end-of-summer road trip. Then came the chaotic first week of classes. But finally Labor Day weekend arrived. Surely that would be enough time for a simple idea like this, wouldn't it?

Click on blue sound file image to hear an mp3 of the composition.