Elegy and Honk

for English horn and electro-acoustic music (2001)

(duration ca. 10 minutes)

program note: 

Elegy and Honk, for English horn and electro-acoustic music, is (not surprisingly) a work in two highly contrasting movements. The entire accompaniment to the Elegy is derived from a few English horn sounds — short notes in various registers, some “airy” key clicks, and a whoosh of air rushing through the instrument without the reed in place. The dense clouds in the background actually come from a single very short English horn “blip” subjected to a process called granular synthesis, through which the original audio is exploded into tiny fragments. Each fragment is then stretched nearly to the breaking point and recombined into several layers of overlapping texture. The second movement employs an expanded palette of source material including a menagerie of geese and duck sounds, joined by an old-fashioned bicycle horn — Honk, indeed!  — M.P.


Link to score: Elegy_Honk.pdf  

(9 pages; formatted for 8.5 page size)

Link to audio content for performances

(featuring a recording by Donna Conaty)

Link to commercial CD recording by Michele Fiala

Link to live-performance video recording by Michele Fiala (NYCEMF)

Link to live-performance video recording by Richard Kravchak

(West Fork New Music Festival)

audio materials for performance:

Thank you for your purchase of the performance materials for Elegy and Honk.  You have unlimited access to this site for your downloading convenience.  You can download both files as often as you like onto any computer for the purpose of rehearsals and performances of this piece. I do request that you not share your access to this site with others. Please keep in touch. If you do perform Elegy and Honk, I would appreciate knowing about. Send me a program, concert announcement, youtube posting, etc. I hope you enjoy learning and performing my music.  Thanks again.  =m.p.=

Mac Users: 

The links below are to two different zipped files containing a Mac-compatible applications built in Max/MSP. One is the original application that just handles playback of the accompanying sound track. The other offers the option of a mic input, as well as optional and adjustable reverb software, for performance situations where amplification of the soloist is desirable.

   > ElegyMax.app.zip

   > ElegyMax_Mic.app.zip


Alternative download file for …  

Non-Mac Users, Mac users who would prefer to have a version that they can edit or run under their own copy of Max, and users who do not want to use a computer for in their performance. The link below is to a zipped folder containing two custom Max files and two audio files used by those files.

   > ElegyMaxFolder.zip


To achieve the full functionality of the Mac application, simply download Max/MSP at … 


   > http://cycling74.com/downloads


Additional Instructions: 

Once you have downloaded and installed the proper version of the Max for your computer and OS, launch the program, then open the file:  “ElegyMax.maxpat” or “ElegyMax_Mic.maxpat”  


NOTE: In order for either of these files to work, the audio files “Elegy-Honk” and “Donna” must be in the same folder as the Max patch file.


If you experience any problem with these links or with the materials themselves, feel free to contact me. If you need the materials in another format, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate your request.


Non-Computer Option 

You can download the ElegyMaxFolder.zip and then use any audio file player to play the file

“Elegy-Honk.aif” and play along with it.